Stowe Running Camp 2016 Wrap Up Post

Hi Folks,

This is camp director Fran Cusick, I apologize for the delay in getting a blog up! Amazingly, the week has come and went, and it was a fantastic week. This year, the vast majority of our campers were brand new to the camp, yet from the way everyone clicked almost immediately it was like you all were long lost best friends. Some of the highlights included Olympian Ruben Sanca spending most of the week hanging out with the campers, a great tempo run on the Quiet Path in Stowe, and the scavenger hunt we did on the last day at the Trapp Family Lodge.

A couple of announcements regarding the end of camp/next year’s camp:

-If you did not get your shoes, they should be coming in by the middle of this week! There was a bit of a delay, but they were shipped out today.

-If you enjoyed Stowe Running Camp and would like to write a review/testimonial, please email it to! Based on the evaluations, it seems like people had a great time, so feel free to talk about it!

-Also, if you have any great pictures from this year, send them to the same email address! ( Who knows, you may even find your way onto the brochure!

-If you are interested in being a CIT (counselor in training) next year, please email me sometime in the winter!

-If you enjoyed the experience, make sure you come back next year and bring your friends! The more, the merrier.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this week so special.

We had three excellent guest speakers this year, all of whom travelled quite a distance to impart their wisdom on the campers. Coach Jason Saretsky of Harvard University, Jess Minty of Battle Road Track Club, and Ruben Sanca of Whirlaway/Brooks, thank you so much for your time! In addition, our co-director Dan Flynn was unable to spend a lot of time in Stowe as he is transitioning to a new job, but he spent Saturday and Sunday at the Round Hearth and gave a fantastic speech. (we’re all winners!)

We had a ton of CITs this year, nine to be exact, and somehow all of you were extremely helpful and willing to do pretty much anything that was asked of you, from moving the tables, to creating epic slideshows scored to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” to helping out with the creation of the scavenger hunt, you guys were fantastic. Yes, even our honorary CIT, Jake Grigsby was pretty helpful! The CIT’s were:

Emily Sessa, Tewksbury Memorial HS, MA

Emily Paquette, Notre Dame Academy, Tyngsboro MA

Lilly Wells, Mohawk Regional HS MA

Elisabeth Olson, Worcester State College MA

Rachel Maue, Ridgefield HS, CT

Tristan Shelgren, St. John’s Prep Danvers MA

Abhinav Pal, New Canaan HS, CT

Mike St George, New Canaan HS, CT

Jake Grigsby, New Canaan HS, CT (honorary)

The counselors, as usual, did a great job keeping everyone both safe and entertained. It says a lot about the culture of the camp that the majority of our counselors actually attended Stowe Running Camp and have made it a part of their yearly routine. So much of the success of the camp is dependent on having counselors who know what they’re doing and can create a fun atmosphere, and you guys did not disappoint. Our counselors this year were:

Leah Miller (Sarge), Lesley University Assistant Coach (formerly Brown)

Kourtney Bonsey, Regis College Head Coach

Kevin Greene, Regis College Assistant Coach

Rachel Campbell (Savanah College of Art and Design)

Peyton McGovern (Richmond University)

Eva Fandozzi (Boston University)

Spencer Lyman (Franklin and Marshall College)

Palmer Wymann (Marist College)

Joe Niski (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Also, a big thank you to our athletic trainer, Caitlin Ryan, who did a fantastic job all week. It was so nice to have a trainer who actually understands running the way Caitlin does.

Finally, big thanks to the staff of the Round Hearth! We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to put up with the voracious appetites and general oddness of runners.

I do hope to post more pictures and videos in the coming week, so keep an eye out for that on Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, see you all next summer!

-Director Fran Cusick


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