Stowe Running Camp Day 6 Recap (Friday)

Friday, the final day of Stowe. A day that is both exciting and a bit sad. The week, which once seemed stretched out in front of us like a vast ocean, suddenly is reduced to this final half day. Friendships have been formed, long runs endured, awkward moments have been shared and now it is all ending and you don’t get to see any of your new friends for another year. I’m getting ahead of myself though; camp is not over just yet!

Our big adventure for the final day was a journey back to the Trapp Family Lodge, the same place where camp had begun just six short days earlier, when everyone was awkwardly huddling in their groups, playing some type of orientation or name game. Now there was a much different vibe. Our final activity was a Treasure Hunt where the campers were matched up into teams and sent off to solve a series of clues. The clues ranged from the moderately easy to the insanely hard, and despite a mishap where the sheep that served as a critical place marker for a clue wandered off to take a nap, everything went smoothly. Big props to the Sprinkles squad who, despite Sierra hurting her ankle on a root, managed to complete the scavenger hunt by carrying her around the Trapp Family Lodge piggyback style. Ultimately, Coach Kevin Greene’s Squad was the first to finish due to a combination of high intellect and fast running.

The Treasure Hunt over, the kids headed back on the bus for the final time. Upon returning to the Round Hearth, the kids packed up their bags and finally got the coveted Stowe Running Camp T-Shirt, this year in an exquisite Royal Blue color. The kids filled out surveys and then we had a brief awards ceremony.  We ended with a slideshow and then a few pictures out on the front lawn and within the blink of an eye camp was over.

Thanks to all who have read this blog and a special shout-out to CIT Lilly Wells for helping to compose many of these posts! We hope to put up a few more posts in the days to come, but in the meantime please check our Facebook Page, Twitter Account, or Instagram for more info.

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