Stowe Running Camp 2019: Why You Should Attend!

stowe running camp funny

Hello everyone, this is Stowe Running Camp director Fran Cusick. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful winter season. By now, this past summer is a distant memory and the summer to come seems very far away, yet I wanted to share a few words on Stowe Running Camp 2019. If you’re an interested camper, a parent of a student-athlete thinking about attending SRC, a former camper wondering whether you should return, or just a random person who stumbled across this article while procrastinating from some important project, I hope you will read this and consider making Stowe your running camp destination this summer.

“Why Stowe?” you might be thinking. “There are so many running camps out there….what’s so special about this one?” It’s a good question. The running camp market, particularly in New England, has exploded over the last several years. Like a harried grocery shopper sifting through thousands of different cereal choices, information overload can make it hard for any one camp to stand out amongst all the others. In this short blog-post, I want to make the case for why Stowe Running Camp rises above our competitors.

What I mostly want to talk about in this space is something that is going to sound cliche and banal: community. The community at Stowe is an incredibly special one. It’s a place where, to quote Cheers, everyone knows your name. It’s a place where you can come and feel like you’re a part of a community, like a large cross country team, not a place where you’re one small fish in an ocean of thousands. One of my favorite experiences is that amazing feeling at the end of the camp, where different groups of people are coalescing together. Kids who just a few days ago didn’t know each other at all are now practically inseparable. And this extends to all types of runners, not just phenoms. We’ve had state champions, high level Division I athletes, and even an Olympian (!) come through our camp. But what I really love about Stowe is that, regardless of whether you are the defending State champion or a kid who has never run a 5k before, you can find a place at here.

To close, put Stowe on your list of potential summer camps! If you’re looking for a place where you can get faster and grow your love of the sport alongside a similar cast of characters, this is the place for you.

Got questions? Shoot me an email at See you soon!

-Coach Cusick

stowe 2012 counselors

P.S. Here is a throwback picture to our staff in 2012 before the volleyball game!

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