Stowe Running Camp 2020 Will Take Place at Vermont Technical College!!

Hello Stowe Running Campers/Parents/Fans,

This is camp director Fran Cusick with an exciting announcement: we have officially found a new location for Stowe Running Camp 2020! The camp will be hosted at Vermont Technical College in Randolph, Vermont. After searching far and wide, we were very luck to have VTC welcome us onto their campus! 

Below is some information in a Q&A format: 

When and where will Stowe Running Camp be held?

Sunday August 2nd to Friday August 7th at Vermont Technical College, 124 Admin Dr, Randolph Center, VT 05061.

What is tuition going to be?

Tuition will be the same as last year, 585 dollars per camper. For siblings, there will be a 10% discount (applied to both siblings). For teams, there will be a 10% discount for teams with 10 or more people. There will be a 5% discount for teams with between 5-9 people.

We will follow the same process we have used in the past in that we will require a 200 dollar deposit and then the balance will need to be paid by the first day of camp.  

How do I sign up?

Like Bernie Sanders, I am once again asking for your patience. We are building the website you are currently reading into a registration page, which takes some time. I should have registration ready to go by the end of this week (the 15th)

Will you be changing the name?

At this time, the camp will continue to be called Stowe Running Camp. Stowe has been in place since the 1970s (I am trying to gather historical data on this…if anyone reading this attended Stowe prior to 2010 please email me!) and has a rich tradition and history that we want to honor. 

Also, we couldn’t come up with a good name.

How Will Camp Be Different at VTC vs. The Round Hearth

I really don’t know at this point. One thing I do know is that we will still be able to go to Ben and Jerry’s! And we will have significantly more space for Spikeball. Other than that, we are still working out the details. It will undoubtedly be a different feel but I am confident that this will be a great experience for everyone. 

The Elephant in the Room (Coronavirus)

Obviously the corona virus is running roughshod over the nation right now. It is far too early to tell but if we are forced to cancel, you will get a refund. Let’s hope by August we have gotten this thing under control. In the meantime, stay safe and for the love of all that is good wash your hands!


I want to thank everyone who has reached out with messages of support. I really do appreciate it! I also want to thank Vermont Technical College for being so accommodating…it was a real challenge to find a new location and I will admit that things were looking grim just a few weeks ago. But thanks to a suggestion from former Stowe Running Camper and Randolph native Haddie Lary, we were able to find VTC and the rest is history.

Please reach out to me via email at with any questions at all. In the meantime, check this site for info on the camp or follow us on Facebook (@StoweRunningCamp) or on Instagram ( for updates.

-Coach Cusick

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