Stowe Running Camp 2020: Cancelled

To The Stowe Running Camp Community,

It is with great sadness that I announce the cancellation of Stowe Running Camp for 2020. We really wanted to make camp happen this year, but it was an uphill climb due to COVID-19. Though our staff had some ideas about how to make camp doable under the conditions, our host school Vermont Tech let us know recently that they would not be allowing outside groups onto campus this summer. This is a very reasonable decision by them and, though it’s disappointing, in my opinion it is the right move. As fun as camp is and as great as it would have been to pull it off, at this time we need to prioritize people’s health above all other things

Prior to getting this news from VTC, I did have a lot of doubts as to whether we could successfully provide the type of environment that Stowe running campers are used to while maintaining appropriate social distancing protocols. To say the least, it would have been challenging. At the end of the day, there was just no good way to ensure that the camp would be fully safe for all involved. Without a vaccine in place, the only way to be sure that campers and staff did not have the virus would have been to quarantine every camper and staff member prior to arrival for a 10-14 day period, obviously not a realistic option. Even if we did that, we would still run the risk of a camper or staff member being infected on a run, on a trip to Ben and Jerry’s, from a cafeteria worker, etc. And if even one person was infected, they could spread it to multiple others, which would have been a terrible situation for all.

For now, everyone who has already signed up will be refunded via check. I will get those out within the next couple weeks. For those who are looking for another summer running camp option, please reach out and I can recommend a few that are still open…though I am of the opinion that overnight camps will be difficult to pull off in this environment. 

I am well aware of just how disappointing and upsetting this news will be to so many of our campers, and all I can do is say how sorry I am. The week of Stowe Running Camp is my favorite week of the year and the reality that we will not be playing Spikeball, going on runs, or singing loud, off-key songs on a crowded and noisy bus has not yet sunk in. 

We will contemplate some type of virtual activity or meeting to at least maintain contact over the summer. In the meantime, I hope you are all staying fit and healthy. We will revamp camp for next summer and I am hoping it will be our best year ever.

Keep in touch. 

-Camp Director Fran Cusick

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