Stowe Running Camp 2021 Update

Hello Everyone,

This is camp director Fran Cusick with an update on Stowe 2021. First, I hope everyone reading this is doing great. The world is starting to emerge from our Covid-created cocoon into some semblance of normal life, which is fantastic after a long period of living under some very difficult conditions. In regards to Stowe, I have a few updates:

-As of June 20th, we have 35 athletes signed up for camp…a solid number, but one we would like to increase significantly in the next couple weeks. Based on what people have told me, I’m thinking that we will end up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 athletes, which I think will be excellent. BUT, if you are sitting there reading this and you haven’t signed up yet, what are you doing?? Go to this link: and sign up right away! And while you’re at it, make sure that your sister/brother/friend etc. signs up as well!

-We have a new Facebook page, located here: I know any person under the age of 30 here is rolling their eyes at the mere mention of Facebook, but it’s a helpful tool. Sadly we are unable to access our last Facebook page, so we created this new one to help spread the word about camp. Please check it out and “Like” the page.

That is about it for now, if anyone has any questions or thoughts please send them to me at I am really looking forward to camp this year; see you all soon!

-Coach Fran Cusick

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