Stowe Running Camp 2022 Update

Counselors and Staff 2017

Hi Everyone!

This is Camp Director Fran Cusick, I wanted to share some important information. The camp this year is from Sunday July 31st to Friday August 5th, 2022. We are back at Castleton University which hosted us last year and was an excellent location. 

Please read the information below thoroughly! 


The summer feels far away right now and it is likely that your plans are not solidified. That being said, it would help the staff tremendously if we had a sense of who was coming to camp and who wasn’t. So please:

  1. If you CAN go to Stowe and plan on attending, sign up right now! Here is the link: Stowe Running Camp Registration. There is a $200 deposit and the remainder of the tuition which is due by Wednesday July 27th. If you sign up early and there are extenuating circumstances that prevents you from going (injury, death in family, etc.) then I am happy to discuss a refund. But we really need people to sign up so we can figure out what our budget is going to look like for the year and so we can let Castleton know!
  1. If you CANNOT go, please send me an email telling me this. I will likely be sad for a minute but such is life. You don’t need to give an elaborate explanation (though you can if you want!). A simple “Hi Coach Cusick, unfortunately I can’t attend Stowe this year. Thanks for everything and good luck!” will suffice. I promise you it is so much more helpful to hear this sooner rather than later (or not at all)
  1. If you are on the fence, I would appreciate an email just letting me know what you are thinking.

Long story short, please get in touch with me ASAP so I can figure out how our numbers are looking! 


Tuition this year is $600 for 6 days and 5 nights. I know that on its face this seems like a lot and I can appreciate the challenges of paying for a summer camp. However, almost all of the tuition money goes towards renting the facilities, paying staff, buying t-shirts, and other functions that are essential to to the success of the camp. I wish we could charge less but it really wouldn’t be practical or fair to the counselors to do so.  

There are a few ways to defray the cost:

  1. For those in Massachusetts, there is an MSTCA campership that can save you 100 dollars on your tuition(see below). 
  2. Sibling Discount: 10% off tuition for all children of the same family
  3. Team Discount 1: 5% off tuition for at 5-9 campers of the same team.
  4. Team Discount 2: 10% off tuition for 10 or more campers on the same team

So if you are able to convince your siblings and/or your teammates to attend, you can save yourself some money! If you really want to attend the camp but are struggling with  the cost, please reach out to me and we can have a discussion. 

MSTCA Campership

This only applies to those who live in Massachusetts, but the MSTCA is offering $100 camp scholarships! Every person who has filled out this application has gotten the scholarship, so as long as you do it, you will get the money. Here is the link to it: MSTCA Campership. To get the scholarship, you need to write a personal essay and get a letter of recommendation from a coach.


Last year was a ton of fun but we had a large number of graduating seniors in the mix. We really need to add more people in order to make this a great experience for all. To that end, the best way we can grow the camp is by all of you promoting it to your teammates, friends, rivals from other teams, siblings, etc. Every year the surveys that we have you fill out indicate that the #1 reason why people attend Stowe is because a friend of theirs recommended it to them. So please, get on this now while people are in the early stages of planning their summers!

Good luck to anyone completing their indoor track season over the next couple weeks! Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns and thanks for reading.

-Stowe Running Camp Director Fran Cusick

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