Stowe Running Camp 2022 Wrap Up

Hello Everyone,

Stowe Running Camp 2022 has come and gone, seemingly in the blink of an eye. It was a fantastic week, filled with great runs, intense competition, goofy signing, and great camaraderie. Thank you to each and every camper who attended. I hope you enjoyed your time at Stowe as much as the counselors did!  I also want to thank the counselors and coaches, who brought such great energy and passion to each day of the camp, as well as the staff of Castleton University for hosting us. 

A few final things on Stowe 2022:

  • To view photos from this week, please go to this link. If you have any photos you took, please add them or email me at
  • If any camper was not added to the GroupMe, please email me and I will add you. We won’t use that Group often during the school year, but there may be occasional postings, especially as we get close to the spring of 2023. 
  • The extremely tentative dates for Stowe Running Camp 2023 are Sunday July 30th to Friday August 4th. I have not confirmed those dates with Castleton University yet, but if available we will be going that week. Please spread the word and mark your calendars for next year!
  • We have put together this post-camp packet that summarizes much of what we talked about and did this week. Please view that here.

Thank you again for attending! This truly was a special group. We hope to see many of you back in 2023. Good luck this fall and stay in touch!

-Coach Fran Cusick

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