Day 2: Tempo-Run Fun

Hello All,

Today was another successful day at Stowe Running Camp! After a hearty breakfast, the campers headed out to Stowe High School where they enjoyed the thrills of a tempo run. The campers ran at a comfortably hard pace for 1-3 miles with the counselors’ encouragement and assistance.

Upon returning to the Round Hearth, the campers ate a delicious lunch and then enjoyed some free time before the afternoon activities. Camp Director Dan Flynn gave a speech on Training Theory. Coach Flynn talked about some concepts that many consider elementary but are surprisingly complex. Among other things, he discussed the different energy systems and ways to effectively train those systems. For example, the tempo run done earlier in the day is an active example of how to increase your lactate threshold.

Later in the day, the campers ascended the fearsome hills of Adam’s Camp and emerged unscathed. We then refreshed ourselves with an all-natural ice bath in the river known only as the “Watering Hole.” We took some great pictures which will be posted later in the week.

The campers then discussed and wrote down their short-term, long-term and dream goals and how to achieve those goals.

Tonight also marked the beginning of the air hockey tournament. Highlights of the tournament so far include reigning champion Kevin C. fending off a feisty, defensive-minded Isabel H. On the other side of the bracket, Rachel C. kicked off her tourney with a convincing shutout victory.

Tomorrow the campers will be taking part in a video gait analysis of their running form directed by Joe McConkey and doing some speed development and flexibility work. Check back tomorrow for updates on how everything went!

-The Stowe Running Camp Counselors

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