Day 3: Gait Analysis and Speed Development

Hi Again,

Today was another fun day here in Stowe. At an hour when most are snoozing, more than half the campers opted to spend their morning traversing the trails of this beautiful mountain community. We returned to the Round Hearth around 8:30 and ate a great breakfast consisting of pancakes, sausages, hash browns, and breakfast burritos.

After breakfast campers went to the Top Notch fields to have their stride analyzed by Joe McConkey, a well known Boston-area running coach and owner of the Boston Running Center. Coach McConkey filmed the runners doing strides from multiple angles in order to identify ways to make their running form more efficient. After lunch, we watched the videos of the gait analysis as Coach McConkey discussed how to improve each runner’s form.

We then went to Stowe High School where the runners were broken into 4 groups and rotated between foam rolling, dynamic stretching, static stretching, and strengthening exercises designed to improve running form and efficiency.

Later in the day, the campers played a competitive volleyball tournament. Team “Too Fly” emerged victorious, including a resounding championship win over the counselors. The team was led by Veeral S., Daniel S-R, and Galo. The rest of the night was devoted to continuing the air hockey tournament, playing board games, and discovering the contestants for the upcoming Mr. and Mrs. Stowe competition.

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day with several activities on the docket. We will be doing a pool workout at the beautiful swimming hole as well as a trip to Ben and Jerry’s and some yoga.

Have a good one!

-Stowe Running Camp Counselors

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