2013 Day 6 Blog: Saying Goodbye

This day began with the campers getting up, eating breakfast, and heading to Stowe High School for a game called “Hit Your Pace.” The athletes were randomly placed on teams, and each team member had to select a pace for one mile that they thought they could run on a dirt track. They would then run a mile (without a watch) and be given points for how close they were to that time.

It was a spirited competition, and a couple campers actually hit their pace dead on! I don’t actually have the names of the group that won, but I will get that information soon and post it on here, as well as some photos.

We then headed back to the Round Hearth and listened to Ruben Sanca talk about his experience in the Olympics in 2012. As you can imagine, the kids had a lot of questions about what it was like running in the Olympics, and Ruben did a great job answering them.

After Ruben’s speech, it was time to say good-bye. Camp Director Dan Flynn gave some closing remarks, and the counselors gave out a series of paper plate awards to campers who had demonstrated interesting or unique skills over the course of the week. The campers got their t-shirts, and we took a final picture on the front lawn of the Round Hearth before everyone headed back home.

The last day of running camp is always difficult. It’s hard to say goodbye to people after an amazing week of making new connections and friends. Ultimately, I think I can safely say that everyone who attended Stowe Running Camp, both counselors and campers, learned something and made all kinds of connections with their peers. I know it was the highlight of my summer, as I’m sure it was for the awesome kids we were lucky enough to spend this time with.

At any rate, thanks to all who read the blog! I’m going to try to update it a bit more over the next few weeks with more specific material and pictures, so be sure to check back for that. Also a big shout-out to camper Eva Fandozzi for all her help with the blog!


Written By: Coach Cusick

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