2013 Day 5 Recap: The Long Run

Thursday began with a more casual breakfast at 8:15 a.m. Many of the campers ate a light breakfast as Thursday is distance day. Nine a.m. marked the beginning of the long run. The runners had a choice of what distance to go. The choices included a 6, 8, 10, 13, or 15 mile run. After this long-distance run, everyone preceded to the river to ice their legs in the freezing Vermont water.

After the distance run, and the ice bath, the campers returned to the Round Hearth to enjoy pizza, caesar salad, and rice-crispy treats. After watching some of the Worlds competition, including a viewing of Mary Cain’s 1500, marathon Olympian Ruben Sanca gave the campers a lecture about the importance of long-distance runs and his own personal experiences. All of the runners were then given their Saucony trainers or spikes, depending on their earlier decision.

The last dinner served at Stowe Running Camp 2013 was turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and a dessert of Apple Crisp and vanilla ice-cream. Soon after dinner Harvard Cross-country coach Jason Saretsky, returned to Stowe for the third consecutive year to give a lecture about “critical non-essentials.” Coach Saretsky talked about different things runners could do to give them an edge over their competitors, such as having good nutrition, stretching and ice bathing, doing core work (which drew a big laugh from the crowd after Coach Price’s speech) and keeping a training log.

The night continued with the annual lip-sync competition. Many campers, including the counselors, gave amazing performances to songs of their choice. The winners of the competition were Corinne Vietorisz and Josh Goldstein with their performance of “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” with Palmer Weiman. The final event of the evening was the dance for all the campers. A local DJ came and the campers danced like there was no tomorrow.  After this exhausting night of dancing, everyone said goodnight and went to bed.

Written by: Eva Fandozzi

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