Spencer Lyman Reflects on His Time at Stowe

Note from Coach Cusick: Spencer Lyman has been at Stowe seemingly forever and has seen the camp as both a camper for three years and a counselor last year. He is from New Canaan, Connecticut and  just recently finished up his sophomore year at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Here he offers a few thoughts on his experience at Stowe:

This will be my fourth year at Stowe Running Camp and I look forward to it every single summer. I originally came as a camper right before my junior year of high school, simply wanting to have a nice cross country season. Through specific exercises, solid workouts, and valuable teaching presentations, I learned what it really takes to improve as a runner. The experience as a whole enabled me to get significantly better and excel athletically in high school, as well as currently during college. Although I had gotten what I first intended out of Stowe, I continue to come back because of the people. Everyone, from the head director to the campers, has had such a wonderful influence on me. I absolutely love the positive, friendly atmosphere that was there from day one. It came as a great surprise that the focus is on the success and happiness of the high school runners, which is exactly the way it should be. Now a counselor, I cannot wait to further contribute to the prosperity of Stowe Running Camp.

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