Process vs. Results

Hello Readers! This is co-director Fran Cusick once again. We are now about 2 months away from Stowe Running Camp, and we still have many spots open! If you are a former or current camper reading this, ask your friends to go! Last year we had our largest group ever and we are looking to build on that this year. Once again, camp is from August 7th to 12th and all of the registration information can be found here: Registration Info. If there are any questions, please send me an email at

A personal story that I wanted to share with you: the high school team I coach (Tewksbury Memorial High School) won the Massachusetts All-State championship this weekend. We actually tied with our rivals, Milton High School. This means that we are the best track team in the state of Massachusetts, something that I’m still struggling to believe happened. Here’s a picture of our team:

What does this have to do with running camp you may ask? Maybe nothing. Maybe I just want to brag about the kids I coached. But maybe this: the kids above (at least the distance kids) primarily focused on process over results this season. We didn’t come in at the beginning of the year saying that we wanted to win this meet or beat this team or run this time in the 4×8. We just came in ready to do the work and we let the results take care of themselves.

Going to Stowe Running Camp is an opportunity to put the process ahead of the results. I am personally a big goal setter and I think that goals are crucial to help you get through a season. But I often see high school runners have goals that they care deeply about accomplishing…in June. Then they get to the dog days of summer and they still care about that goal, but not as much as they care about going to the beach or hanging out with their friends. What they really care about is the result, not the work that goes into getting that result. I believe that going to Stowe is a great way to put the process ahead of the results and help guide you on your own path to a successful cross country season.

So, please consider signing up for this summer!

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