Why You Should Attend Stowe Running Camp Reason #1: Because It’s Fun!

Greetings blog visitors! My outdoor track season just wrapped up on Saturday. I have to say as a coach it was by far the most success I have ever experienced, which is pretty humbling. As I sit here today and reflect on it, I realize how much I have grown as a coach and how, in the middle of the season, I think I have it figured out, before inevitably looking back on the year with some mild regret about things I could have done better. At any rate, I now am able to turn my attention to Stowe Running Camp and do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now: create a list of reasons why you or your friends or your athletes or your son or daughter should attend Stowe.

The first reason on my list is a pretty obvious one: Stowe Running Camp is fun! At the end of the day, no matter how seriously you take your training, the reason why most of us started running was because it was fun. This can take many forms; it could be you enjoy the running and training itself, you might love the competitive nature of races, or you might simply like being with your friends. Whatever your reason, I can promise you that, both when you’re running and when you are just hanging around the Round Hearth, you will enjoy yourself!

One of the most fun things about Stowe Running Camp for me is seeing a group of passionate people all come together over the course of the week. Truth be told, the first day of camp never fails to be a little awkward. Some years are worse than others of course, as the first year I worked at Stowe I’m not sure if a single word was uttered on that painful first day. But as the days go on and people become more comfortable with each other, it’s a wonderful experience to look around and see how people from all different areas and backgrounds are just having fun being together. Whether it’s playing a volleyball tournament, aggressively eating a Vermonster from Ben and Jerry’s the night before a long run, going for a tempo run in the pouring rain, aqua jogging at the pool, during the dance (I wouldn’t know about that, as I avoid them like the plague!) or just hanging out at night playing Mafia in the TV room, I can promise you that you will enjoy your time here at Stowe.

New post will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime if you are reading this right now and contemplating going to camp, please contact me with any questions! My email is fcusick13@gmail.com, I’m willing to bet I can assuage any concerns you might have. For now, go sign up! Here is the link: https://stowerunningcamp.wordpress.com/

Good luck to all you high school students in the waning weeks of school!

-Coach Cusick



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