Reason 2 Why You Should Attend Stowe Running Camp: It’s A Great Value


Reason 2 Why You Should Attend Stowe Running Camp: It’s A Great Value.

Oftentimes I find the best experiences are hard to fully describe with words, as to do so almost robs them of their magic. So I don’t know that I can fully do justice to the great experiences that so many kids have had over the years at SRC. But I can say with sincerity that the kids who come here get great value out of the camp. Year after year, we get consistently good reviews on everything from the camp curriculum to the guest speakers to the food (people love the food).

That being said, there is an elephant in the room when it comes to running camp that I wanted to address directly: the price. Stowe Running Camp costs 625 dollars per campers. If you have a sibling, you get a 10 percent discount. If you have 5 teammates come with you, you get a 5% discount, if you have 10 teammates you get a 10 percent discount. Clearly, no matter how many teammates you roll in with, you (or your parents) are going to be laying down a fair amount of money to attend the camp. The sentiment of “Why would I pay money to do something (run) I could do on my own at home?” is one of the biggest reasons why kids don’t attend running camp. I sympathize with this idea and I certainly wouldn’t expect someone to spend their life savings attending a running camp. However, I think when you break down the value of the experience here you’ll see how the price is actually quite reasonable.

Let’s start with what you get at Stowe. All campers get a pair of running shoes or spikes. We’ve leaned more towards trainers in recent years because those are a bit less specific than spikes. Last year for instance, we got the Saucony Kinvara 4’s, which on the market cost 100 dollars. Second, each camper gets the legendary Stowe Running Camp t-shirt. Last year it was from Athletics East. It was a high quality, polyester shirt that retails for 20 dollars. So right there you are looking at 120 dollars of stuff that you’re bringing home with you.  

The other thing that many do not think about are the meals. As mentioned repeatedly in the comments, the food is fantastic. One of the funnier comments we’ve received n the post-Stowe evaluations was the one that said Sue (our chef) was “the greatest woman in the world.” But when you think of the values of the meal, the cost comes out something like this:

Assume each meal costs 10 dollars. We’re looking at a total of

Sunday: 1

Monday: 3

Tuesday: 3

Wednesday: 3

Thursday: 3

Friday: 1

That’s 14 meals. If we say each one costs 10 dollars, we’re looking at another 140 dollars. So now we’re saying the shoes and t-shirt cost about 120 dollars and the meals are 140 dollars, which makes the price effectively 260 dollars cheaper. I know it’s an odd way to look at it (like those races that offer a “free” t-shirt when you’ve paid 100 bucks to sign up!) but that’s not often something that people think about.

Getting beyond the meals and shoes though, we have the experience of camp itself. I’m having a hard time not saying the words “it’s priceless” but I think if you talk to the high school runners who have been to camp, or the coaches who regularly come back, you’ll find the same adjectives used to describe Stowe. We do our best to create a camp where kids can come and learn about running but most importantly have fun. You can’t put a price on that kind of value.

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to post another blog within the next couple days.

-Coach Cusick

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