Why You Should Attend Stowe Running Camp Reason 4: It Allows You to Grow Your Passion As A Runner


To the uninformed, the idea of running camp is baffling. “Why would you go to a running camp?” the naysayers will exclaim, “What do you do all day, run?” While I never got a chance to go to running camp in high school, spending the past five summers as a part of the Stowe Running Camp community has cemented the importance of going to camp. And one of the things that I keep coming back to is this: it gives you a chance to grow your passion as a runner.

If you’re the type of person who would even consider going to running camp, clearly there is something about running that you like. Going to a place like Stowe gives you a chance to explore what exactly that passion is. I I make no claims that you’re going to come here and walk away as a better runner. Running is about gradual progression; no one run, day, or week makes the difference but rather it is the cumulative effect of months of this kind of work combining to make you a better runner.

What we can promise you at Stowe is a group of people who care. Not everyone will care about running in the exact same way that you do, but all are there for a specific reason. And being in a place like that, with an entire army of people who share a similar mind set, is empowering. Whether you’re the best runner on an apathetic team or a middle of the pack runner who is doing everything they can to get better at the sport or even someone who has only run for a few months but has found that it allows them to express themselves, you’re going to find a connection at Stowe. It might be a counselor, one of our guest speakers, or a peer, but I promise you, you’ll find some connection and that connection will help clarify and focus your own passion for the sport.

So ultimately, while I can’t promise that your week at Stowe will improve your 5k by 2 minutes, I can promise that it will provide you with an opportunity to grow your love of the sport. And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. Go sign up today!

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