There is Still Time to Sign Up for Stowe Running Camp 2016!!

Hi everyone, hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations! Not sure if you watched but the Olympic Trials have been going on this week and there have been some highly dramatic moments. In particular, the women’s 800 meter final was a devastating one, as Alysia Montano fell and Brenda Martinez was tripped, costing both of them a chance to get to Rio. Overall though it’s been pretty inspiring to watch!

Speaking of inspiration, I wanted to put out a reminder that there is still time to sign up for Stowe Running Camp! We still have spots open and would love to add a few more runners to the mix over the next few weeks. I’ve been involved in Stowe Running Camp for the past five years and last year we had our highest numbers that I’ve seen. We don’t quite have those numbers again this year, but if you are reading this and attending; please talk to your friends! Read through previous blogs about why attending Stowe is awesome and please ask me if you have any questions. It is a wonderful week that I look forward to every year and the more people we can bring into the mix the better.

I’ll post a few more blogs as we get closer to August 7th. Happy running!

-Coach Cusick


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