Stowe Running Camp 2016 Day 1: Settling Into Stowe

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Campers arrived excited and nervous for the week ahead, only to be greeted by the warm and welcoming faces of their fellow campers and staff. The first day of camp was kicked off with an introductory meeting followed by a run at the Trapp Family Lodge. Campers split into groups to explore the lodge’s vast trail network, running among pastures with cows, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and streams.

Upon arrival back at the Round Hearth, campers were greeted by co-director Dan Flynn and his new assistant, highly-qualified and experienced 5-year-old son, Luke. Dan delivered an inspiring speech about resilience and fortitude in running.

In light of Dan’s encouragement, campers prepared to take on a challenge of their own! Dinner was followed by the commencement of Stowe Running Camp’s very own Olympic Games. After splitting up into groups of 6, teams created their own flags to represent their chosen country. Combining creative talents, new friends worked together to draw a unique design. It was a fun night of team building followed by some socialization at the Round Hearth.

Then it was off to bed for the campers!

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