Elisabeth Olson Testimonial

Recent Wilmington High School graduate Elisabeth Olson has been going to Stowe for the past two years and offered up a heartfelt depiction of her time at camp. Read it below:

What makes Stowe Running Camp enjoyable, and the reason why I continue to return, is the instant community that is built as soon as you walk through the doors of the Round Hearth. The genuine smiles and the kind hearts you are greeted with on the first day, and every morning after, all share the same passion: running. No matter your skill level, you are taken in and made welcome by the directors, counselors, and

campers because at the end of the day, we all have some relationship to running, and that’s all that really matters.

On a more personal note, being surrounded by dedicated runners and learning about the aspects of training and running really inspired me to set goals for myself, ultimately sparking my love for the sport. It was the following cross country season when I started to stray from “just going through the motions.” I actually became someone who put their heart into every race, striving to be better. Stowe Running Camp gave me the confidence to become serious in my running, showing me that running is much more than just a sport. It helped bring a purpose and a sense of community to running, even outside the realms of camp. After my week in Stowe I looked forward to keeping in touch with runners from other schools, some I would see at meets later in the season.

I love Stowe Running Camp because it brings together two of my most favorite things: the mountains of Vermont and the sport of running. This summer will be my third year at camp and I already cannot wait to begin packing!


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