SRC 2018 Day 1: Sunday Excitement

Stowe Sunday Forecast

Chance of rain: 10%

Probability that Fran will embarrass himself in his opening speech: 70%

Likelihood that campers will be smiling all day: 100%

Today was the first day of Stowe Running Camp (SRC) 2018! The new attendees arrived midday toting bags, pillows, and running shoes, soon to become caked with Vermont mud. This year’s campers came from all over New England— Fairfield, CT, Williamsburg, MA, South Burlington, VT, and Fryeburg, ME just to mention a few. There are also a few Stowe locals in the mix— kids who already know the ups and downs of the nearby trails that the rest of the camp were to discover later today.

After a rousing opening talk with the Camp Director, Fran Cusick, and a few words from Chris, the Director of the Round Hearth, the campers boarded the bus ready to conquer the first hills of the week. A winding ride over to the Trapp Family Lodge led campers to even more twists and turns on the trails. With the majestic mountains of Stowe framing the skyline, the views and the run were both breathtaking. Campers broke into groups and explored all that the Trapp Lodge has to offer. Post run exercises included a few strides and our first of many rounds of core. Strength Sunday featured planks in all forms.

Upon arrival back at the Round Hearth, a second run of the day or rather a straight out race, occurred to the showers to wash up before dinner time. A winner winner chicken dinner, was paired with a warm apple crisp for dessert, was served fresh from the Round Hearth kitchen. After dinner, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Stowe Games occurred. For the Stowe Games campers were split into 8 different teams, to compete for the crown, in a variety of fun activities throughout the week. Today the groups came up with a team name based on a movie and created a poster and skit to match their name. The teams are the Incredibles, Forrest Gump, It, Frozen, Mean Girls, Inside Out, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo. Highlights included Silas’s line “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” Frozen’s picturesque poster drawn by Alisa, and the buckets of laughter brought on by a pink tutu used as a lion’s mane. Downtime after the activities featured a large round of SRC’s all-time favorite game— Mafia. Campers then went up to bed to rest for an early morning run the next day!

Many thanks to all the parents who drove up to Stowe! And thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Fran’s birthday today! I’m sure there’s no other way he’d love to celebrate it than with the arrival of the best week of the summer!


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