SRC 2018 Day 2: Monday Stretching, Strides, and Socializing

It’s been 24 hours since campers have been able to access the internet, and kids are learning how to have fun outside! The campers as well as the counselors got a big game of nukem’ (type of volleyball game) and were estatic about it. (CITeam went undefeated) There were plenty of other activities to keep the campers occupied as well. Our first morning run was a little down to earth in the trails of Vermont, only one person fell! Delicious blueberry pancakes awaited the campers, who devoured them completely, after their morning run.

Around midday, campers were bused down to a field where they were split into two groups an did two activities. One of which was strides with a focus on form. Gate analysis was given to campers with counselor Palmer recording each stride. Each camper went through a series of different types of strides displaying different types of running forms. On the other hand, half of the campers were taken with Leah (Sarge) and were shown yoga poses to work on strength. After the workout campers were bussed down to a natural, ice cold watering hole where they all swam and took ice baths.

To end off the day campers competed in a challenge game show called Minute to Win It. The campers went through a series of different activities where they fought for points. Some examples of what the campers did were getting a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands as well as using balloons to blow cups off a table. Group forest gump took home the W for the minute to win it challenge. The campers enjoyed the game and had a fantastic end to night #2 at Stowe Running Camp.

In other news, we have been posting pictures to our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so please head over to those pages to check it out!

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