SRC 2018 Day 3: Tuesday Stars, Stripes, and Tempos

SRC 2018 Day 3: Tuesday Stars, Stripes, and Tempos

Tempo Run 1

Campers woke up bright and early and were treated to a light breakfast of cereal and fruit in preparation for their tempo run. For today, campers picked a pace about forty-five seconds to a minute slower than race pace to run consistently for two to four miles. At the Quiet Path campers did dynamic stretching and warmups for a grueling and humid workout. Unbeknownst to the campers the boys color coordinated their short shorts and singlets. Ricky rocked some galaxy shorts and an American flag singlet while Mike and Josh represented the USA with some America shorts. Overall everybody had a great workout! And of course, no Stowe tempo run is complete without taking a cool ice bath in the West Branch River that runs through Stowe. The only slight let-down was that there was no Harvey Keitel sighting this year!

Once back at the Round Hearth Campers were treated with a hearty lunch of B.L.T.S. At lunch counselor Kevin Greene and guest speaker, Kourtney Bonsey Head Coach of Cross Country and Track at Regis College, arrive. Kourtney gave a wonderful speech on the college recruiting process while guest speaker Elle Purrier, 2018 NCAA women’s mile champion and newly hired professional runner for New Balance, inspired the campers and counselors with her story about how she became interest in running and her journey to an NCAA title (holding the second fastest collegiate time ever) for the University of New Hampshire. The campers also got to watch Elle’s mile victory on the projector, and even though the outcome was already known, it was a lot of fun to watch this race with the victor there watching it.

During free time, tired campers were hyped up by the start of the Stowe Games tournaments. Blaine defeated Neil in the Air Hockey championships, while other campers tried their hand at the Can Jam, Cornhole and Bonk tournaments. At last the campers went on the long-awaited Ben and Jerry’s trip. Devyn, Sophie, Alisa, Riley, McKenzie, Meghan, Bobby, and Lily all teamed up and took on the Vermonster. That’s twenty scoops of ice cream plus toppings of your choice! In wake of the sugary treats, the bus ride home consisted of singing along to some classic American songs. However, the obvious sugar rush did not last long and all the campers crashed and succumbed to lactic acid buildup and slept soundlessly through the night.

Blog Post Written By: CITs.


Tempo Run 2

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