Day 4: Stowe’s Talent Revealed

Today was day four of Stowe running camp.  Early risers got ahead of the game and went out on an easy run to start the morning. Re-energized with a delicious breakfast consisting of waffles, cereal and a variety of fruit, the runners were all geared up for the eventful day ahead which included aqua jogging, yoga and a hill workout.

Before the activities began, a speech was given by counselors Fran and Keryn informing our fellow Stowe runners about how to stay injury free and stretch effectively. After the speech, the runners were fueled with an early lunch to keep them invigorated. The boys then took off to the “Swimming Hole” where a tough pool running workout was awaiting them prepared by Coach Flynn. While the boys swam, the girls stayed back at the Hearth and enjoyed a relaxing introduction to yoga led by instructor Judy. The girls and boys then switched activities so they both could experience the challenges of these two difficult tasks. Tired and hungry, the campers then trudged up the hill on the side of the Round Hearth and did eight hill sprints.  Once defeating the hill, the campers were treated for their hard work with the excitement of the night ahead.

After dinner, we were led to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, which was quite a treat. Not only did everyone get a taste of the delicious ice cream but also a taste of how it all began. With new knowledge of the history behind the ice cream, the campers were satisfied and shopped in the famous gift shop while eating their ice cream.

To conclude the night, twelve brave and talented runners of the camp stood up in front of all in our first talent show. With six chances to win the judges over, the campers performed eating, talent, speech and best running attire contests. The favorite of the crowd was awarded to Dan (DSR) who performed a solid mad lib using a strong Irish accent. Claire S., better known as Mrs. Stowe, proved herself in her performance of eating an oreo with no milk and giving the judges a truly sincere answer to why she wanted to be Mrs. Stowe. On the guys side, Matt Swift wowed the crowd and judges alike with a rather punny stand- up comedy routine.

Tomorrow is the last full day here at Stowe Running Camp. The campers will be doing a long run ranging from seven to fifteen miles! Coach Z from Pembroke High School will also be giving a speech on the benefits of long term aerobic development.

Thank you all and have a nice night,

-The Stowe Running Camp Counselors

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