Day 5: Running Long, Running Strong with Coach Z

Hello All,

Today was arguably the most successful day of the week here at Stowe Running Camp. The day began with a dynamic stretching routine led by Camp Director Dan Flynn. Coach Flynn took the campers through a number of walks, skips, and drills designed to warm up their muscles and improve their flexibility.

After stretching campers were given their brand new spikes and t-shirts, generously given by New Balance. They simultaneously signed up for their mileage groups for the afternoon long run. The campers then had lunch and awaited the arrival of Coach Zopatti of Pembroke High School.

Coach Z gave a spirited talk about long runs and ways to create team unity by participating in these runs. After the lecture, runners set out on their long run which varied from 7 to 15 miles. The long run was a milestone at the camp due to the number of runners who ran the most miles they had ever run in their lives.

Upon finishing this run, the campers enjoyed a refreshing ice bath in the Watering Hole. They then returned to the Round Hearth to stretch, foam, and shower before the nighttime activities.

The night kicked off with a barbecue and a DJ spinning the latest hits. Campers participated in jousting, frisbee, wiffleball, and dancing on the front lawn. The night was capped off with a lip-syncing competition. Joe G., Ryan L., Matt C., Verhal S., and Willy dominated the competition with a stirring rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

Tomorrow should be another fun day, as the campers will participate in their final events of their time at Stowe Running Camp.

See you tomorrow!

-Stowe Running Camp Counselors

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