Day 6: Stowe Relays and Closing Ceremonies

Yesterday was the last day at Stowe Running Camp. The day began bright and early at 7:30 AM with our last communal meal at the Round Hearth. After a light breakfast, the campers headed to Stowe High School for our morning run. After a warmup and some dynamic stretching, the campers were placed into groups for a game called “Hit Your Pace.”

The point of the game was to come as close as possible to hitting a self-chosen mile time. Each team-member chose a mile time they felt they could comfortably hit. They then got onto the track and ran for a mile, without a watch (this was a struggle for some people!). After finishing, they were told their times. The team that came the closest to hitting their pace was the winner.

This activity was a big success, as many of the runners were extremely close to their pace. Karl C. had the most impressive performance of the day, as he hit his time perfectly. The winning group included Galo, Jon F, Jon M, Joe M, and Gleb.

After a cooldown, some foam-rolling, and a static stretch, the athletes returned to the Round Hearth for the closing ceremonies at Stowe Running Camp. The campers were given personalized Stowe Running Camp t-shirts and a certificate to commemorate the experience. The winners of the air-hockey, volleyball, and lip-sync tournaments were given out, as well as some individual awards. There wasn’t a dry-eye in the house as Camp Director Dan Flynn addressed the group for the last time. The campers assembled on the lawn for a group picture to end their time in Stowe.

It’s hard to believe that the week is over. The counselors were so impressed with how the campers came together over the course of 6 days. There were a lot of highlights over the week, including a highly entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Stowe Running Camp contest, a volleyball tournament which saw Team 2 Fly annihilate the overconfident counselors, and a trip to Ben and Jerry’s which featured an epic display of ice cream eating by Kevin C, Andy R, and DSR.

Of course, there was also a lot of running. The campers participated in a long run, a tempo run, some hill repeats, pool-running, and strides in their week here. We heard from some great guest speakers as well including Jason Saretsky, Greg Zopatti, and Joe McConkey. Hopefully, each camper was able to improve their knowledge about running while making some great friends.

That’s it for now, please check back on this blog, the Stowe Running Camp Facebook page (, and the Twitter account ( for more information on the camp and ways to connect with counselors, fellow campers, and speakers. This blog will also be updated with more specific information on topics discussed this week such as dynamic stretching, hip mobility, and active isolated stretching.

Stay tuned!

-The Stowe Running Camp Counselors.

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