Vermonster Eating Contest

Attention everyone: we’ve found some never before seen footage of a momentous event in Stowe Running Camp history; the epic eating contest that occurred during our trip to Ben and Jerry’s on Wednesday, August 15th. The teams consisted of Kevin C (a.k.a. “Coach Kev”), Daniel R. (better known by his stage name DSR) and Andy R against Camp Director Dan Flynn, athletic trainer Brian (better known as B.A.T.) and counselor Max. The task was to eat a mini Vermonster. It’s unconfirmed as of press time exactly what was in the each teams’ respective ice cream bucket, but suffice it to say that it was a lot of ice cream. Here’s the video:

The Andy/DSR/Coach Kev trio emerged victorious against their veteran opponents in part due to their innovative strategy of sticking their faces directly into the bucket of ice cream. Either way, the spectators were thoroughly entertained. Look for more videos and info coming over the next couple weeks!

P.S. Some people have said that the video is not working. If that is the case, you can view it at the official Stowe Running Camp Vimeo page here:

-Stowe Running Camp Counselors

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