2013 Day 1: The Beginning of the Best Week Ever

After a year of waiting, Stowe Running Camp 2013 is upon us! Our camp has grown from 23 campers, in 2011, to 68 this year. We’re also very excited to have 20 returning campers and 4 new CITs, who are eagerly waiting to be counselors next year. Every New England state is represented, as well as a number of New Yorkers.

The campers arrived at the Round Hearth with positive attitudes and excessively packed bags. After settling in and meeting their roommates, we had opening ceremonies. Director Dan Flynn gave a speech introducing the rules and regulations of the camp. The runners were then placed into fitness groups and ventured onto the rec path for the first time in 2013.

We returned to the Round Heart for some stretching and some core workouts on the lawn, followed by a delicious dinner of tortellini, meatballs, and garlic bread. The evening session was focused on goal setting. Coach Flynn talked about how important it is for runners to have goals. Each camper wrote a letter describing their short term, long term, and dream goals, both running and non-running. These letters will be mailed to the campers in November so they can see what progress has been made towards their goals. The night ended with a visualization secession and some free time.

Below are some pictures from the first day. Check back in tomorrow for more exciting updates!

Counselor Brian Axelrod saluting "Sarge."
Counselor Brian Axelrod saluting “Sarge.”

Counselor Keryn Thorvaldsen and CIT Maddie Lahm instructing their group.
Counselor Keryn Thorvaldsen and CIT Maddy Lahm instructing their group.