2013 Day 2 Recap

The second day at Stowe Running Camp began with an optional 7:30 AM morning run. The vast majority of the camp opted to participate, which shows the great dedication and enthusiasm of the campers here at the Round Hearth. There were two groups, one that stayed on the flat rec path, and one that ventured into the wilderness of Stowe at Wisener Woods. The groups returned and stretched on the lawn.

After a delicious breakfast, the runners headed to Top Notch Fields and split up by gender. One group did a series of dynamic stretches while the other proceeded with a gate analysis. Each runner was filmed from the front and side while they did strides down the field. The groups then switched and we ended by working on form and improving our form. The tired runners fueled up with some sandwiches.

The runners listened to an informative lecture from Coach Flynn about the earlier gait analysis. He pointed out different form issues and ways to improve. We then took a short break and headed to a local swimming hole. Some of the athletes went for a river walk with Brian Axelrod while the rest of the them went swimming, ice bathed, and just enjoyed the scenic Vermont countryside.

This was followed up with another easy run, dinner, and then a lecture from UConn Men’s Cross Country Coach Renny Waldron. Coach Waldron talked about the value of tempo runs and long-term aerobic development. He also talked about techniques to deal with pre-race race stress. Coach Waldron suggested that runners should focus on the process of what they are doing, rather than the end result. He was also generous enough to stick around after his lecture to answer a number of questions from campers asking about college.

We finished out the night with some fun activities, including air hockey, Scattegories, Apples to Apples, and Mafia. Overall, it was a successful and educational day of running and fun.

Written by: Coach Cusick, Eva, and Lucia.

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