2013 Day 3 Recap: Coach Price, Posture, Core and Vermonsters.

The campers awoke for breakfast at nine and enjoyed a light but fulfilling meal as there was a tempo run looming. They got on the bus and traveled to Stowe High School. Then, they split into their color groups and got their pace and distance for the tempo run. The groups began with a one mile run to view the course and do a warm-up. The groups also did some dynamic stretching before they started the tempo run. Great effort was applied by all runners as conditions were not ideal. Rainy weather and wet grass did not stop the athletes from completing their runs at ideal paces. After some static stretching and a cool down the campers got on the bus and returned to the Round Hearth.

The campers then enjoyed a delicious lunch comprised of grilled cheese and open cheese and tomato melts. Coach Jason Price, of Athletes Equation, then came and gave a lecture on strength and conditioning training for long distance runners. Coach Price talked about how important it is for all runners to have good posture and core strength, in order to prevent injury and excel as runners. After some Q & A the runners proceeded to the front lawn where a demonstration, followed by exercises, were completed.

The campers had dinner and then took a surprise trip to Ben & Jerrys, and enjoyed a tour of the factory and a free ice-cream.  A few brave campers decided to try their hand at the “Vermonster” which is essentially a giant bucket of ice cream. In retrospect, that was probably a poor choice, but the kids seemed to enjoy it at the time. Everyone then returned home and headed off to bed.

Written by: Coach Cusick and Eva Fandozzi

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