2013 Day 4 Recap

Wednesday started with an optional morning run at 8am. After the campers returned breakfast, consisting of French toast, was served. The runners then preceded to Top Notch Field were everyone participated in dynamic stretching. The runners then split into groups based on gender. The girls continued with more dynamic stretches, while the guys did a hill workout, which consisted of bounds and sprints up a steep hill. The groups then swapped and the girls completed the workout. All of the campers returned to the Round Hearth and enjoyed a pulled-pork sandwich and salad lunch.

After lunch, half the camp went to the Swimming Hole, a local indoor pool. They did aqua jogging, which is a much harder workout than one would think. The other half of the camp stayed at the Round Hearth. This group did active isolated stretching, medicine ball work, and agility drills. The groups then swapped and completed each-others workout. After the campers had some down time, the freshmen, sophomores, and middle-schoolers preceded to a lecture by Coach Cusick about high school cross-country, while the juniors and seniors attended a lecture by Coach Flynn about finding the right program at college for running.

The afternoon continued with the annual Mr. and Ms. Stowe pageant, where campers can volunteer to participate and share their talents. There are a number of contests throughout the evening, such as a cookie-eating contest, and impersonation contest, a napkin-eating contest, and a talent show. Highlights of the night included Palmer Wyman’s stand-up comedy, the foot drawings of Corinne Vietorisz, the magic tricks of James Rose, and the ninja costume of Willy Pierce. The night ended with the announcement of the winners, Corinne and Palmer, which were determined by a panel of three judges.

-Written by Eva Fandozzi

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