Day 3: Tempo Run Tuesday

Tuesday morning got off to a late start as campers were offered the opportunity to sleep in. Breakfast was not until 9am and the morning run was available but not recommended due to the day’s activities. Shortly after breakfast, the campers were bused over to Stowe High School to run the tempo run. Each runner had chosen his or her pace the previous night and ran either two or three miles around the old-school gravel and weed-plagued track. Both a warmup and cooldown were offered with the tempo run, which allowed the runners to get in their daily mileage. The tempo run was a success with many of the runners hitting or running slightly faster than their goal paces. On the girls side, Jackie, Felicia, Emily, Maddy, Mia, and Peyton all crushed their tempo runs. For the guys, Garrett, Stephen McCall, Spencer, Palmer, and Gilmar ran great, controlled workouts (except for Bones and Gilmar in the last 200 meters, when things got a little too fast!)

After returning to the Round Hearth, a lunch composed of a variety of sandwiches was offered. The campers then divided into two groups based on grade. The Freshmen and Sophomores went to a speech by Fran Cusick on how to handle a bad race day; while the Juniors and Seniors had a college talk led by Coach Flynn. That afternoon the campers again headed to Top Notch Fields where they took part in physical fitness testing. This comprised of the 30 meter fly, long jump, and a medicine ball throw. The campers split into three smaller groups and took turns rotating through the tests. Afterwards, Coach Renny Waldron from Davidson College came to present a speech on the importance of the tempo run. Tacos were served for dinner and then the campers got ready for the annual trip to Ben & Jerry’s, where they not only got to enjoy ice-cream, but also walked through on a factory tour. The night again ended with time to relax and play all different kinds of games, including Scattergories, Mafia, Catchphrase, and Scrabble.

Stephen, Fran, and Spencer at Ben and Jerry’s.

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