Day 4: Making The Most of a Rainy Day

Day four got off to a wet start with an optional morning run in the rain. Due to the low mileage schedule for the day, most of the campers joined in on the fun. After drying off and eating a good breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the whole camp gathered for a stretching, or rather flexibility, lesson with Coach Ford of Fairfield Prep School. He showed the proper mechanics of a good flexibility workout and explained the science behind the stretch. After a short break, the group gathered for a thrilling lecture entitled “Reaching Your Full Potential” by Fran Cusick that was a smashing success. The audience burst into tears several times during the proceedings and exploded in applause at the conclusion of the speech.

After regaining their composure, the boys headed to the Swimming Hole, a local pool, where they did a vigorous pool workout that included aqua jogging and alternating between holding their running form and treading water. They also enjoyed their time to free swim and took part in some classic pool games, such as Marco Polo and good spirited racing. Meanwhile, back at the Round Hearth, the girls split into four groups and rotated between a medicine ball workout, a hip mobility routine, core exercises, and lunges. The culminating moment of the strength workout was 14 year old Isabelle J’s masterful display of core strength, in which she managed to plank for 5 minutes and 11 seconds. This was the longest plank of the day, including the guys. The groups switched, with the girls heading to the pool and the guys returning to camp for the strength workouts.

Some of the girls at the pool.

A great dinner of risotto with chicken and broccoli was served and the campers gathered for a speech on the long run by Pembroke High School Coach Greg Zoppatti. Coach Z talked about how cross country is the ultimate team sport and how the long run is a great way to bring teammates together. He also stressed how long runs are crucial to fitness because aerobic endurance is at the base of everything you do in running.

The annual Mr. and Mrs. Stowe pageant was the next item on the docket. This has become a highly anticipated activity of the camp, especially after last year’s excellent performances. This year did not disappoint, as the campers showed off some impressive skills in fields as diverse as magic, face-painting, long-form lectures, and gymnastics.  The competitors had to participate in a variety of activities such as musical bench, counselor impersonations, and a “Chubby Bunny” food eating contest. While the panel of judges went to deliberate their decision, the audience enjoyed a special comedic performance by Palmer and Lucia. The judges returned with their verdict of George and Mia as Mr. and Mrs. Stowe.

The rest of the night got off to an exciting start with the Air Hockey Tournament. Palmer again stole the spotlight as he came out on top for the second consecutive year as the champion. Other tournament standouts included Matt, aka Tom Hanks, and Joe Niski.

The Mr. and Mrs. Stowe contestants.

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