Day 5: The Long Run and The Dance

The long run day is consistently one of the highlights of the week here at Stowe. The already high camaraderie fostered during the preceding days really gets taken up a notch during the long run. There is a real sense of togetherness created by running such a long distance together. The long run went very well; many of the campers completed their longest run ever, but more importantly they were careful to keep the pace nice and easy and to focus on completing the run. Some of the highlights included Izzy and Eva running 15 miles, which was the camp record for the girl’s long run. We also had about half of the camp running the half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles, an awesome accomplishment!

After the long run, the tired campers retreated to the Round Hearth for a hearty lunch of English muffin pizzas, then took some free time, with many of them opting for a nap after a tough morning run. That afternoon, the campers were fitted for and received their Saucony Spikes, a process that went relatively smoothly, all things considered. Big shout out to Peyton and Josh for finding order amidst the chaos, and for Lilly for keeping the eager crowd at bay.

The semi-finals of the volleyball tournament were held that afternoon as well, with Palmer’s team advancing to the finals against the counselors. Before the final match, the camp had a lovely cookout with burgers, hot-dogs, mac and cheese, and some of the best sweet-potato fries ever served in Vermont. The championship volleyball match was a hotly-contested game, with both sides going back and forth. With the campers up by 4 points, a slight issue with the court forced a relocation to a different part of the lawn. Ultimately, errors plagued the counselor team and they were defeated for the the fourth consecutive year. The key players on the campers side included Ryan, Abhi, Spencer, and Joe.

The lip sync competition was up next. The counselors kicked things off with a stirring rendition of two songs no one has ever heard of. They had spent hours throughout the week rehearsing this routine, so it was no surprise that it turned out great. Other highlights included Willy and George performing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” Anna, Emily, Courtney, and Ketchup performing “Baby Got Back” and the winning team ‘The Gingers’ crushing “Fancy.”

After the lip sync, the dance lasted until 10:30. Some stellar dance performances were given by Felicia and Joe, who won the “Decades Dance-off” competition. The campers were hesitant to go to bed, as this was the last night they had to spend with their peers. Dan and Fran played a lively round of pool that drew in a surprising crowd. As always, many of the campers flocked to the TV room to play Mafia for the last time.

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